ARINC 439A Specification Published

09 September 2016 ARINC 439A Specification Published


Burgess Hill, 9 September 2016. ARINC Specification 439A (Sept 2016): Simulated Air Traffic Control Environments (SATCE) in Flight Simulation Training Devices (FSTDs) has been published by SAE ITC. The specification was produced by the Flight Simulator Engineering and Maintenance Conference (FSEMC) Working Group on SATCE.

Quadrant Group has played an active part in multiple international working groups since the start of industry efforts to define specifications and guidance concerning SATCE. Dr Jeremy Goodman has worked collaboratively as the Editor for the FSEMC WG since its inception alongside other industry representatives from airlines, training providers, training device manufacturers and regulators.

Jeremy Goodman, who is also the Senior Product Manager for QUADRANT INTERACTTM said, “This document is the most up-to-date guidance material on SATCE, and one I hope will continue to inform regulatory recommendations and guidance in the future.”

Jeremy continued, “We have reached the point where industry has an agreed initial specification for SATCE in FSTDs, and I hope this will assist the flight simulation sector to further invest, develop, test and mature this emerging training technology, so that it becomes widely adopted and offers a significant value to all pilot training and ultimately safer flight.”

QUADRANT INTERACTTM is a pilot training tool for all flight simulators, that uses Artificial Intelligence and Speech Recognition to create an intelligent and interactive SATCE delivering real time traffic and ATC communications. INTERACT has been developed to meet and exceed the SATCE guidance and requirements of ARINC Spec 439A.

Recently, INTERACT has been successfully integrated in to a Full Flight Simulator (FFS) for the first time at Quadrant System’s training centre in Burgess Hill, UK. INTERACT is being demonstrated to invited audiences from the pilot training industry including training device manufacturers, airlines and flight training providers. A number of recent videos detailing the significant potential for this new technology, especially the impact raising flight crew workloads, are now available online here:



ARINC Specification 439A is available through the ARINC Standards Store here:

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ARINC Industry Activities (An SAE ITC Program) facilitates the FSEMC SATCE Working Group. This Group maintains and updates ARINC Specification 439A: Guidance for Simulated Air Traffic Control Environments in Flight Simulation Training Devices.  For further information, see: