Quality, Health, Safety, Environment (QHSE)

It is Quadrant policy to operate to the highest quality standards which means more than having the best product.

We aim to first identify what our customers want including relevant statutory/regulatory requirements and then to produce exactly what is required on time and at a competitive cost.

Quadrant has established and effectively maintains a Quality Management System that is certified to ISO9001:2015 which includes:

  • Fully understanding and meeting customer’s requirements
  • Minimising cost by prevention of errors and waste
  • Focusing on doing things right first time
  • Implementing continuous improvement
  • Establish Quality objectives
  • Implementing 'Risk Based Thinking' and 'Process Approach' philosophies


Quadrant is committed to the prevention of injury and ill health to all employees, visitors, contractors, temporary staff and any interested parties who might be affected by company operations.

Quadrant has established and effectively maintains an Occupational Health and Safety Management System that is certified to the ISO 45001 standard which includes:

  • Improving OH&S performance by the setting of objectives
  • Reviewing and where appropriate modify operations to ensure that potential risks to health and safety are minimised
  • Monitoring operations through hazard identification and risk assessment
  • Actively pursuing ways to improve Health and Safety performance to ensure continual improvement
  • Ensuring compliance with all relevant OH&S legislation, regulations, codes of practice and other standards to which the company subscribes
  • Operating in a manner which ensures a safe workplace for employees, visitors and contractors
  • Ensuring the active participation of employees through consultation, communication and participation on all OH&S issues


Quadrant believes it has a duty to ensure good environmental awareness and protection in all its operations and to provide the necessary management, training and commitment to fulfil this duty. The Board firmly believes in, and is committed to, monitoring and improving environmental awareness and protection.

This commitment is achieved through:

  • Incorporating the principles of ISO14001:2015 into all business operations through effective planning, monitoring, target setting and auditing
  • Using the best available techniques (not entailing excessive costs) to comply with existing and future legislation
  • Implementing a controlled and audited waste minimisation and disposal system