The Training Centre at Burgess Hill provides UK CAA / EASA accredited Full Flight Training Simulators to the flight training industry and incorporates facilities such as a range of briefing rooms furnished with internet access and PCs, training aids, ground school classrooms and crew restroom facilities. Fully qualified maintenance engineers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to support the training centre activity.

Business Centre Facilities

Training organisations have access to secure dedicated lockable cabinets in which they can store training material plus full use of photocopying, printing and telephony services.

There are a variety of training aids available at Quadrant Systems to assist in the provision of a wide range of training functions to cover all customers’ simulator requirements. These include:

Briefing Rooms

Each simulator has 2 dedicated Briefing Rooms. Each is equipped with specific-to-type training aids including representative cardboard cockpits for practising procedures. These rooms are also air-conditioned, fully carpeted and equipped with IT, internet connectivity (including WiFi) and furnished with tables and chairs.

Briefing Room 1        Pilot Training


There is a fully equipped classroom suitable for classes of up to 12 students. The room is air-conditioned, carpeted and has full presentation facilities, internet connectivity (including WiFi) and individual student desks.

Pilot Training Classroom    Pilot Training Classroom 1

We have an A320 Flat Panel Trainer (to Airbus standard 1.3.2) and there is no charge for this facility when customers are booking time on the A320 Full Flight Simulator. 

Flat Panel Trainer